Troy Magennis – Agile Probabilistic forecasting quant

Troy has been involved with technology companies since 1994, fulfilling roles from QA through to VP for multinational companies. Troy speaks at many Agile conferences and has played an Agile training and mentoring role for executives in small and large organizations. Previous clients include: Walmart, Microsoft, Skype, Sabre Airline Solutions, Siemens Healthcare.Troy currently consults and trains organizations wanting to improve decision making on software portfolio and project questions through Agile and Lean thinking and tools. Applying Scrum and Lean techniques appropriately and where they are going to make this biggest benefit through quantitative rigor.Troy has many books and articles on software development and practices, his most recent is “Forecasting and Simulating Software Development Projects: Effective Modeling of Kanban & Scrum Projects using Monte Carlo Simulation”.


Adam Yuret – Strategy Whisperer

Adam Yuret has been working in the software development business for over 17 years. He helps executives discover ways to amplify value delivered to customers by reducing painful impediments which get in the way of people doing their best work. This often means untangling unclear strategy articulation from founders head to the teams, advising on optimal organization design, and helping clear up and train staff on their role definitions (with Agile). Although no “Adam engagement” is typical, he has recently led coaching teams helping clients such as Crate and Barrel and Tableau, coherently introduce Agile throughout the organization (from founders to teams); his focus: helping their people to thrive while growing and innovating into the future.


Larry Maccherone – Visualization and Metrics guru

Larry is an industry recognized Agile thought leader. Larry most recently served as Rally Software’s Director of Analytics and Research where he led a team using big data techniques to draw interesting insights, provide software development performance metrics, and provide products that allow Rally customers to make better decisions with data.Before joining Rally Software, Larry worked at Carnegie Mellon with the Software Engineering Institute for seven years conducting research on software engineering metrics with a particular focus on reintroducing quantitative insight back into the agile world.Larry is an accomplished author and speaker, presenting at major conferences for the lean and agile markets over the last several years. Always in the top rates speakers.


John Cook – Free-range Mathematician

John describes what he does as: “very applied math; using math to solve real-world problems, often in combination with computing, consulting and marketing.” John has been on the faculty of The University of Texas at Austin, Vanderbilt University, and The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. He worked for over a decade at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a software project manager and as a research statistician. He left MD Anderson to start an independent consultancy focused on mathematical modeling and scientific computation.John has written numerous articles on applied mathematics and software development, and has spoken at conferences around the world. He has consulted for clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to some of the largest pharmaceutical and software companies in the US. Click here to see information on his consultancy.