KanbanSim and ScrumSim is our complete suite of modeling, simulation and forecasting tools in one easy to use application. Monte Carlo simulation and a variety of optimization algorithms help you understand your software projects and make better decisions. By modeling proposed or ongoing projects, you have the ability to run what-if experiments in seconds to answer important questions on cost, delivery date and hiring.

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Cost: For most users its free. We charge for training and expert consultation when and if its required. We also charge for site licenses and software maintenance when organizations ask for this level of support. contact us for more information.

Answer these questions with confidence –

  • When will this project be delivered?
  • How much will this project cost?
  • What staff skills do I need to hire next?
  • What factors are most causing us delays?

Simulations include –

  • Visual simulation of both Kanban and Scrum status boards (interactive viewer and video)
  • Date and Cost forecasting for both Kanban and Scrum project models (date, cost and likelihood)
  • Staff and WIP limit analysis for Kanban models (suggests the next staff skill to hire)
  • Model sensitivity analysis – find what events or model inputs are causing the most impact on delivery and cost
  • Data reverse engineering – analyze existing data to find and improve model input estimate ranges

KanbanSim and ScrumSim Version 2.0 (new Aug 2016)

KanbanSim and ScrumSim v2.0 (click this link to download the application and examples)

See the Download page for more detailed installation instructions and change history.

Package includes 40 documented Kanban examples and Scrum examples demonstrate how to model all types of agile software development problems and various presentations and articles as reference.

Screenshots –

Over 40 examples and model snippets

Over 40 example and model snippets for Scrum and Kanban models.

Interactive experiment window.

Interactive experiment window allows all of the model knobs to be moved to see immediate project impact.

Model snippets

Every model construct has a toolbar snippet to help get started.

Forecast results window.

Forecast results window shows economic and delivery date for every likelihood.

Forecast progress window.

Forecast progress window shows actual results versus forecast model ranges.

Charts galore

Over 20 built-in chart types show simulation results.

Visual simulation window

Visual simulation allows you to step by step through one simulation run.

Forecast results chart window

Charts show distribution of simulation runs. Often, the results aren’t nice Normal distributions. This is important to consider!