Earlier this month, Arne Rooke from http://www.it-agile.de/ interviewed Troy Magennis on forecasting in the lead-up to the LKCE conference later this year. You can read the full interview here:



At the Lean/Kanban conference in Chicago earlier this year, Troy Magennis was awarded with the Brickell Key Award for his work with Monte Carlo Simulations combined with Lean/Kanban. The announcement said that his work will „change the way our industry will work“. I didn’t know Troy very well in Chicago, but I had some opportunities to catch up with him. And it became clearer and clearer how right this statement is. His work will change the way our industry works – or at least big parts of it. The use of Monte Carlo Simulations can have a big impact on predictability, planning and accounting. And it might release teams from endless estimation meetings with often are a big pain. And besides this: Troy is a really nice guy. Two good reasons to not only invite him to Lean Kanban Central Europe but also to do an interview with him. In this interview we talk about:

  • Cycle Time Forecasting and Predictability
  • Story Points
  • Brook’s Law
  • Kanban Tools

Download the full interview here

P.S. Troy will be giving a presentation and a Tutorial on Lean Forecasting at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2013

Thank you Arne for the support.