Agile Theory and Practice

Choosing the optimal batch size – How often should I do difficult things.

Better Backlog Prioritization – When I choose to do one thing, I delay others. How should I make these decisions better?

Dependencies – What are, and why do I care about dependencies?

How many defects remain? – How can I estimate how many defects are still likely to be found?


Size – Growth – Pace Forecasting Model – simplest model for forecasting software projects based on historical data

Forecast Assumption Canvas – Worksheet to capture the assumptions behind a forecast

Backlog Size Assumptions – Worksheet to capture the original backlog size for a feature or project

Backlog Growth Assumptions – Worksheet to capture how a backlog may grow as work is completed

Delivery Pace Assumptions – Worksheet to capture the delivery pace estimates for forecasting before historical data

Data, Dashboards and Metrics

Prediction Intervals – How much data do I need when forecasting?

Statistical Measures – Comical look at how to lie with statistics from

Documentation for the Team Dashboard spreadsheet measures