• We are dedicated practitioners and educators on quantitative arts applied to project management problems.
  • We help companies make informed decisions where it seems difficult or impossible.
  • We teach people how to make better decisions with available information and why it matters.
  • We give back to the industry and community by making our tools of the trade freely available.
  • We trust that you will know when to call us for deeper help or wider education.

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Specific Areas of Expertise

Forecasting – We are the industry leaders in probabilistic forecasting Agile projects using custom tools and techniques refined over many years through customer engagements and our own professional work. We ask the right questions and help build confidence in forecasts through education.

Portfolio Planning – Planning portfolio and projects requires navigating complex dependencies between teams and work items. We offer practical solutions to scheduling and predicting this impact and accurately finding the constraints on predictable delivery.

Risk Management – Our approach to risk management incorporates its impact on staff and schedule. We take a holistic approach in quantifying what risks are the most economically important to mitigate or ignore. We add a layer of rigor often missing from “agile” project teams and programs.

Metric Selection and Programs – We can design an analytics program for your organizations that doesn’t destroy morale and has the desired predictive power. We offer experience in creating a balanced metric portfolio and teach your company how to use it for predictive purposes.

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Typical Deliverables

Metric analysis and dashboards – Analyzing current tooling for improvement and forecasting options. We help organizations design team and portfolio level dashboards that share improvement opportunities and situational awareness. 1-2 days.

Intro to Forecasting and Estimating – Introduction giving the theory and practical side of estimation and forecasting. This course covers why current estimation often fails, and how to improve predictability and understand why. By the completion of this training, attendees understand how data can be used to forecast, and how to communicate project duration and options. 1 day.

Estimating and Forecasting for Executives – Highlights of why traditional estimating and forecasting often fails. Highlights the key points for understanding what types of forecasts to believe and how to manage the key reasons forecasts miss reality. Introduces probabilistic forecasting and risk management. 2-4 hours.

Lunch and Learn – Statistics and Forecasting – Fun introduction for staff on statistics and probability in their workplace. Serves as a way to get technical staff to communicate uncertainty in productive ways. Included free with engagement 2 days or more

Probabilistic Modeling and Forecasting – Intermediate course on building probabilistic models for IT organizations. Covers all aspects of data collection through to forecast communication. After attending this session, attendees will be able to build and use models of their own to forecast projects. 2-3 days.

Forecasting Kickstart  – Look at your data; Build a model that predicts the last 3 months; Forecast a future project. See statement of work here: http://focusedobjective.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Focused-Objective-Key-Capabilities-and-Standard-Offerings.pdf  3 days

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