We would like to introduce an XML specification for defining teams and projects that use Scrum and Kanban development processes. This file format is called SimML which is short for Simulation Modeling Language.

You can view the draft specification here.

SimML has the following features for modelling team and project data:

  • Specify Kanban columns (wip limits, cycle-time confidence intervals, names, etc)
  • Specify Defect categories (occurrence rate and override column cycle times)
  • Blocking Events (occurrence rate and cycle time confidence intervals)
  • Added Scope (occurrence and category. For example, scope-creep and refactoring)
  • Backlog

The file format also contains all of the information required for simulation, for example, what types of simulations to execute and how to format the results.

We will be announcing more features in this extensible file format over-time, and welcome other companies supporting the format as an input or export when needing to represent Kanban or Scrum teams and projects.